music deserves better. Much better. is a brand-new type of streaming service, one that’s been re-imagined from the ground up to help music forever—a state-of-the-art music-based entertainment experience. We’re unlocking the true power of the NFT at scale in order to connect retail investors and music creators for the first time ever, all in a luxury, full-catalog streaming app with a 90% payout to music creators. 

X-Factor meets Wall Street

We’re taking money-making in the music industry to a whole new level. Music NFTs on will be able to trade like a stock. The 24/7 trading action will become a spectator sport—your victories will be celebrated, and the app will give everyone a front row seat for all the action, regardless of whether they actively trade. Now that’s something that hasn’t been done before, and that’s something that has the power to save music.

Imagine there’s a new song coming out from your favorite emerging artist, and you know that artist is trying to sell the song’s NFT for a certain price to fund a new record or a world tour. You’ll be able to easily invest directly in your favorite artist to unlock a living wage for musicians and create a life-changing, mutually beneficial creator-fan relationship by barely lifting a finger.

Suddenly you’re emotionally involved in seeing dreams become reality. 

better for music

Stage 1 of our app is released in April, 2022. Users will earn tokens by installing the app and clicking the “claim” button once a day. Users will have the opportunity to earn 20% on each referral as a part of our affiliate program.

Stage 2: Full launch of two-sided app: Investment Platform/Streaming Player. Deflationary token seeking SEC approval before launch backs trading of music NFTs and their future streaming revenue. Users who earned CLINK tokens in Stage 1 will need to complete KYC in order to receive their tokens and be admitted to the trading side of the app.

With your help, we’ll introduce tremendous growth and opportunity to the industry—making the future brighter and better for music.

music nfts evolve

The NFTs on our platform are so easy to use, you won’t even know you’re using them. 

Using the latest in advanced, eco-friendly blockchain technology, music fans of all sorts will have effortless access to stream and directly support music, and musicians will have the power to focus more on what they do best: making the finest product known to humanity—music

How does it work? A music NFT will be automatically generated for each song from the full catalog of music for free. The utility NFTs we generate remain behind the scenes and exclusive to the platform. They represent ownership of the song’s streaming revenue rather than ownership of any type of digital file like the artist-crafted NFTs you may be accustomed to. This is the next evolution of the music NFT. 

Other platform’s collector NFTs’s utility NFTs acts like any other streaming platform until the artist explicitly logs into their dashboard and chooses to sell their NFT.

Nothing else happens without the owner of the NFT choosing to do it.

You can listen to any song at any time if you have an active subscription—you won’t need to own the NFT to stream it.


  • Tipping: Fans will be able to easily tip their favorite music creators—with no cut from us. *clink clink*
  • Playlist creators will earn 1% of the streaming revenue when a song is played from their playlist.
  • Algorithm control: Listeners will have control over the degree to which the algorithm is used to find new music.
  • Good for everyone: 20% of our platform’s revenue (1% of each transaction) will go to providing direct cash grants to historically under-compensated musicians and their descendants through an independent, not-for-profit foundation we pledge to create once we reach 5 million active subscribers.

  • Extraordinary Fairness: No free streaming, no fake streams and no backdoor deals are part of our complete-transparency philosophy.
  • Way more to share: Creators receive 90% of their NFT’s streaming revenue, as well as 90% of their NFT transactions. There are no minting fees.
  • Continuous earning: Creators receive 10% of each transaction even after their NFT sells!
  • Regulatory Compliance: We’re committed to following every type of regulation from within each country we operate. This project is very different from most cryptocurrency projects. To attract the widest audience possible, we’re creating a centralized app that runs on our servers and interacts with decentralized blockchains. That means we can operate with the safety and security of our users in mind, without having to make a pretense of decentralization.
  • Music-career launchpad: Someone who is very talented and just starting out with only a few streams might be the exact profile of the true millionaire-maker investment on
  • Be your own judge: This will be your chance to find new musical talent, to be the judge, and to be rewarded for your emotional and financial investment in the songs & artists you love.
  • Good for the Earth: Our earth-friendly NFTs use absolutely no crypto mining. An extremely minimal carbon footprint will always be one of our priorities.
  • Have more questions?
    We invite you to learn much more about our vision to save the music industry in our whitepaper.


Jesse Goplen 
Chief Executive Officer
Jesse Goplen
Chief Executive Officer

Jesse’s true passion lies in playing guitar and writing music, but he’s become a Jack-of-all-trades over the years as an entrepreneur, earning his MA in German literature at UC Davis. One of his songs sold as a one-of-one NFT in December 2020 and has served as a template for many of the musicians he helped bring into the NFT space under his pseudonym “House of NFT.”
Richard Parizer
Richard Parizer
Chief Operating Officer

Richard is a composer, talent manager, music educator, and the keyboardist for the award-winning Los Angeles-based band, Robot Nature. Richard is the creator for the “Everything Theory Midi Pack” for music producers and has been involved in the early stages of the music NFT.
Scott Healy
Chief Operating Officer

Scott is a Grammy®-nominated jazz composer, LA-based multi-keyboardist, performer, session musician, music educator and former member of the house band for Conan O’Brien. He has decades of experience in all aspects of music production, business, technology and performance from the early days of MIDI to recent music NFT releases on his label Hudson City Records.