The future is about to get brighter.

The music industry needs our help. There needs to be a better way to fund music. We’re doing something no other streaming platform has done to fund music—the full streaming catalog with each song’s streaming revenue trading as an NFT. We’re introducing real revenue opportunity to musicians by making investing in music mutually beneficial for fans—and retail investors around the globe.

X-Factor meets Wall Street.

NFT tech, no NFT hassle.

Full catalog of music.

90% payout.

Dreams come true.



That’s easy—just check in once a day so we know you’re a real person to earn the day’s reward. Tell your friends and earn more for each referral!

In order to claim $CLINK and use the investment side of the app, yes, you must be 18+. All ages are welcome to stream music once the full app launches.

The amount you can claim per day is based on the number of people earning $CLINK. The amount will decrease as more people sign up and once the full app launches, the free credits will end.

No, there’s no limit! Visit each day to claim your $CLINK, help us spread the word to receive even more.

That’s easy, too! Simply go to the referrals menu in the app and invite your friends by sharing the invite link. You’ll get a bonus of 20% of each of their earnings after they complete all the steps to legally claim the credits.

No, there’s no limit—invite all your friends!

When the full app launches, you’ll have to complete know-your-customer (KYC) requirements in order to claim your credits. Once that happens, you’ll automatically be onboarded to the investment side of the app, and you’ll be able to purchase a streaming subscription, buy & trade eco-friendly music NFTs, or simply withdraw $CLINK to your wallet. Your referral bonuses will show up in your account as those individuals complete KYC, as well.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are verifiable. Ours are a bit different than collectable, artist-created NFTs. Each song in the full catalog of music will be automatically generated as a high-quality utility NFT that will remain exclusive to the CLINK.fm platform.

No, you’ll need to complete know-your-customer (KYC) verification in order to claim your credits once the full app launches. Depending on the amount earned and your local laws, this may result in tax liability.

It’s not easy to say for sure because compliancy is important for an app with goals as big as ours. Stay tuned!

No, there’s absolutely no mining involved in our project. For this pre-launch app, we’re simply calculating and distributing credits, and our blockchain is carbon neutral.

Yes, the app is free and there are no in-app purchases. We’re using a word-of-mouth, grassroots marketing strategy. We’d rather pay you to help us be a part of our project.

No, sorry, this is only available on iOS or Android. Streaming will be available to your desktop when the full app launches.

But, of course! You’ll be able to easily tip your favorite music creators—with no cut from us. Playlist creators will earn 1% of the streaming revenue when a song is played from their playlist. Once we reach 5 million active subscribers, 20% of our platform’s revenue will go to charitable causes. Listeners will have control over the degree to which the algorithm is used to find new music. And, last but not least, creators will receive 10% of each transaction even after their NFT sells! Learn more.

Our whitepaper details our vision and you’re invited!